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Bruce Rampy

Operations Manager

Mr. Rampy is responsible for managing Sendero’s interests in over 400 properties and also oversees operations of two oilfields in North and South Texas. He joined Sendero in 2002 and in his first six years, he ran the Carthage, TX field office and supervised the drilling and completion of 31 Lower Cotton Valley wells in Texas and Louisiana. His duties included landowner relations, bid reviews, location and pipeline construction, drilling , completion, stimulation, flowback and production.

Mr. Rampy has 32 years of industry experience and previously worked for a Dallas based production company where he was a field engineer focused on optimizing East Texas production facilities and rod-pump systems. He was also previously employed by Dallas Gas & Electric as an engineer for a 241 well steam-flood project in Anderson County, TX and was elevated to Field Operations Manager. He then joined a Dallas based oil company that purchased the Anderson County assets.

Achievements and Other Details

  • He holds a BS in Petroleum Engineering from Texas A&M University
  • Member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers